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AN unidentified woman was yesterday found dead in Iminyela suburb with her decomposing, half naked body covered with grass. The woman was found in the bushy area

A woman died Monday afternoon after suffering a medical emergency in an airplane bathroom and the emergency crew is accused of dragging her down the aisle while she

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A woman, who neighbors said was half-naked, was found dead on the street on Chicago’s West Side.

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Police said the suspect was fleeing a doctor’s office where she and a friend had gone to get a consultation about plastic surgery. Police said an employee at the

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Julia Kozerski is an artist and photographer based out of Brookfield, WI. Her work explores universal themes of beauty, body-image, and identity.

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An emergency responder at the Twin Cities airport dragged the lifeless body of a half-naked woman from the back of a commercial airliner and down the aisle for many

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An emergency medical technician dragged a dying woman’s half-naked body past passengers on a commercial flight in Minnesota. The woman suffered a medical emergency

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A woman who experienced medical distress shortly after entering an airplane bathroom was dragged partially clothed down the aisle of the crowded commercial airline

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