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Miscellaneous colored fashion plates no descriptions available (click on picture for larger view)

My collection of vintage china is growing at a concerning rate. I’m addicted to scouring flea markets for the finest porcelain and snatching up affordably priced

Colored Fashion Plate Reference Library American Civil War Era: 1859-1865

Featuring Victorian clothing, Victorian dresses and Victorian fashion – corsets, hats, purses, parasols, shoes. Learn how to dress Victorian.

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DIY your way to fantastic fashion wall art by repurposing vintage sewing pattern envelopes! Pair them with retro fabrics in a painted frame for fab decor!

Popular demand brought back the bustle in 1883, but with changes. It was now worn at a lower placement with a narrower width. Dresses worn over this new

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The movement for requiring official license plates picked up steam in the United States around the turn of the 20th century, when newspapers

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Fashion prints offer a colorful and in-depth view of the stylish fashions of the past. Their vivid color schemes, exquisite fabrics and decorative trims make a

From cast-iron skillets to oyster knives, there’s no shortage of epicurean accessories with long histories in the South. The specific item that most heralds spring

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