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The Roman writer Seneca. believed that masters should treat their slaves well as a well treated slave would work better for a good master rather than just doing

During the Republic, a Roman citizen’s political liberty (libertas) was defined in part by the right to preserve his body from physical compulsion, including both

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The Census. In the beginning was the census. Every five years, each male Roman citizen had to register in Rome for the census. In this he had to declare his family

Slavery had a long history in the ancient world and was practiced in Ancient Egypt and Greece, as well as Rome. Most slaves during the Roman Empire were foreigners

In a Roman household sex was in plentiful supply. Except, so it seems, between the actual married couples. The existence of slaves in the house naturally mean that

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Slavery in ancient Rome played an important role in society and the economy. Besides manual labour, slaves performed many domestic services, and might be employed at

Though ethnicity seems to have played little role in who would be Roman slaves, it did seem to play a part in what tasks they would be assigned to once in service.

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