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Pregnancy during menopause is a big concern for women who are facing the change of life and moving into their golden years. There are women who become pregnant during

Focused on menopause, The North American Menopause Society (NAMS) provides physicians, practitioners and women essential menopause information, help and treatment

Menopause happens when you haven’t had a period for 12 straight months and you aren’t pregnant or sick. It’s a normal part of aging. It happens because female sex

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These days with IVF so prevalent, getting pregnant after menopause is something that many women can achieve.

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Menopause is when a woman’s menstrual period stops permanently. Periods can stop for a while and then start again, so a woman is considered to have been through

Menopause, also known as the climacteric, is the time in most women’s lives when menstrual periods stop permanently, and they are no longer able to bear ren.

Menopause and pregnancy share many similar symptoms. See which symptoms are unique to menopause and pregnancy, and which ones overlap.

WebMD gives you basic information about menopause and conditions associated with it.

The North American Menopause Society (NAMS) is a great resource for women regarding menopause information. Get the latest on menopause management from NAMS experts

The 35 Symptoms of Menopause. This list of common symptoms that occur during perimenopause and menopause was developed from the real-life experiences of hundreds

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