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Some Humorous Cross-Cultural Advertising Gaffes! When a passenger of foot heave in sight, tootle the horn. Trumpet him melodiously at first, but if he still obstacles

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Latin, also known as Cod Latin, macaronic Latin, mock Latin, or Canis Latinicus, refers to the creation of a phrase or jargon in imitation of Latin, often by

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Some exclude beliefs and practices that many people passionately defend as religious. For example, their definition might requite a belief in a God or Goddess or

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Vocabulary definition, the stock of words used by or known to a particular people or group of persons: His French vocabulary is rather limited. The scientific

“Casa Bossa Nova” Instruments: Piano, Flute, Bass, Percussion, Organ, Guitar, Mellotron. Feel: Calming, Grooving, Humorous. Okay, the tuning on the bass is a bit off

Humour can be verbal, visual, or physical. Non-verbal forms of communication–for example, music or visual art–can also be humorous. Root components. Being

Welcome! To your complete source for your Humor Health. We provide a full day’s requirement of Vitamin L, the Laugh Vitamin. A different humorous thought each day for

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im·pres·sion (ĭm-prĕsh′ən) n. 1. An effect, feeling, or image retained as a consequence of experience: Seeing the glacier made a big impression on us. 2. A

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