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catapult meaning, definition, what is catapult: a device that can throw objects at a high speed: . Learn more.

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Create a simple catapult out of craft sticks, rubber bands, and a plastic spoon. Ideal for scouting activities or college projects. Includes free plans.

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Catapult Crazy! Everything you wanted to know about Catapults including how to build one.

When I saw ‘Lego Catapult’ I though…crikey…. �� Thankfully it isn’t what I imagined! Excellent idea for outside I think – or we’d have complaints from

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DIY Network’s crafting experts provide simple instructions on how make a mini catapult to keep the s busy for hours.

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If you’ve considered how to make a catapult for s, you know it should be easy to make, durable, and able to hurl objects with authority. Here are numerous

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Here’s a great summer project for s – build a catapult out of pre-cut dowel rods and rubber bands! Over the years, we’ve done a lot of exploring with

Stay sharp and creative with some DIY and science toys from ThinkGeek. Compact kits have easy to follow instructions for the maker in s and adults.

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