Black Bean Dip

Delicious, healthy and easy-to-make black bean dip. (TESTED AND PERFECTED RECIPE)

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If you’re looking for a near-instant potluck contribution, you just struck pay dirt. It would be tough to make this recipe any simpler—unless you left out the beans.

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Traditionally Southwestern flavors like cumin and cilantro lend a distinctive note to this creamy bean dip, while corn kernels add a little crunch. Serve warm or at

See how four ingredients become our Layered Black Bean Dip in 5 minutes! Our black bean dip is perfect party fare for Cinco de Mayo—or cinco de any month.

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With black beans, avocados, corn, peppers and cilantro, this family bean dip has lots of flavor and texture. This dip came about when I was experimenting with a

This easy black bean dip only takes 5 minutes to make. Serve with tortilla chips, vegetables, or crackers for an easy appetizer or healthy snack.

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This awesome and easy black bean dip takes only 5 minutes to throw together. Bring it to your next get-together or keep it on hand for afternoon snacking.

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This lively dip can be made in minutes. Serve with baked tortilla chips.

Oct 04, 2013 · This recipe was inspired by a black bean dip I had at a restaurant in Costa Rica that was better than any other black bean dip I’d ever tried. Admittedly

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