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Capone’s meteoric rise from obscurity to worldwide celebrity/notoriety. Concise but complete outline of the dates, events, people in Capone’s life, plus myths and quotes.

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the haunting of al capone the supernatural elements of the life of chicago’s greatest gangster

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Al “Scarface” Capone was an American gangster who rose to power during the Prohibition era (1920–33), when the United States banned the production and sale

Al Capone still remains one of the most notable residents of “the Rock.” In a memoir written by Warden James Johnston, he reminisced about the intensity of public

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Although much has been written about Al Capone, there has not been–until now–a complete history of organized crime in Chicago during Prohibition.

Al Capone was born in Brooklyn, New York, on January 17, 1899, to Neapolitan immigrants Gabriel and Teresa Caponi. Originally named Alphonse Caponi, his name was

This is verbatim what was recorded by Capone family doctor Kenneth Phillips 4 days before Al Capone had died.

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Visit to learn about the rise and fall of Al Capone, who murdered his way to the top of the Chicago mafia before being sent to Alcatraz.

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